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>> good morning. al qaeda connection. president obama said the suspect in the christmas day troer attempt apparently got training and explosives from the terrorist group. discharged. rush limbaugh is release friday a hawaii hospital and speaking about what may have caused his chest pain. the wife of tiger woods is spotted at a ski resort as her husband faces another set back at home this january 2nd, 2010. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is "today" with lester holt and amy robach live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to today on this saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach. nice to be next to you after a couple of weeks. >> the new year has changed. 2010. happy new year to all of you. we have news on the suspect in the attempted bombing of the jetliner on christmas day. the president said it appears he joined the al qaeda affiliate in yemen which trained him and directed him to attack the plane headed for this country. he warned all those will be held accountable. more on what he said coming up. >> all types of laws and rules from legalizing same-sex marriage to restricting what you
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do while you drive. there is a regulation about leaving your dog tied up and unattended. >> a florida man remains on the run weeks after allegedly murdering four members of his own family. groups will fan out, handing out flyers with the suspect's photo, a grass roots photo aimed at finding the killer. >> the party is over and resolutions are made, now the question is how do you stick to the resolutions? the hard part. there ways of improving your odds. we will show you how. >> i never remember what the resolution is. i never rnl whether i kept it. first let's talk about the christmas day bombing attempt. new restrictions on air travel and working on ways to improve the inteligence system. pete williams has the latest. >> the latest call for full body
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image scanners comes from britain's prime minister gordon brown said they must be considered for enhancing security. they have been tested in trial runs, but are not now in use. ohm 40 are deployed for passengers requiring extra security. the secretary of homeland security pushed to buy and install more, but congress resisted, persuaded in part by lobbying that the machines are an invasion of privacy with strip search. >> i talked to a lot of people and debated about why it was important to visualize what was concealed under people's clothing. >> he is a consultant for a company that makes the scanners and they fight deployment for scening, claiming they would be
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inappropriate as abdulmutallab concealed what he was hiding. >> we have to develop something more effective to defeat the terrorist and doesn't have a huge negative side effect. the obama administration is adding more names to federal watch lists and that affects innocent passengers too. anna garcia, a reporter for knbc in los angeles cannot use curbside check in or get her boarding pass. she is always subjected to screening because a name similar to her is on a watch list. the top commander in the mideast praised leaders in yemen for helping to crack down on terrorists accused of plotting the christmas day bombing. >> intelligence sources of yemen are very, very good as well and
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the operations were carried out in december were significant. >> the ceo of delta airlines issued a comment on the attempted bombing of one of the planes. all the government efforts to improve security since 9/11 ought to give us a better result than to peril crews and passengers like on christmas. >> our chief white house correspondent chuck todd has more from hawaii. i know the president is giving us a bit more information on the suspect than how he ended up in detroit. what is he saying? >> he is. the president gave more ties and what al qaeda in yemen did to basically train him in order to try an attempted terrorist attack. take a listen. >> we are learning more about the suspect. we know he traveled to yemen, a
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country grappling with poverty and deadly insurgencies. he joined an affiliate of al qaeda and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and he trained him and directed him to attack the plane headed for america. >> the president has all the details now because we are learning more about what intelligence sources knew, but didn't put together. that is leading to all of this analysis of what could have been done and what could have been done to stop abdulmutallab. >> we will sit down with the national security and intelligence, but willry read them the riot act? >> it's a little bit of everything. he has been getting warning reviews when he wakes up here in hawaii from john brennan, the chief adviser. he will bring everyone together from the head of the dni, dennis
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blair. it's under dennis blair that the terrorism center has been formed. that's run by michael lighter and janet napolitano. there will be a little bit of reading him the riot act. they will meet for hours and there will be a lot of back and forth. the president is pouring through reports that each of the agency heads put together. i don't know if he will say you guy diagnosis a terrible job here. secretary x or admiral y or this. we are done. i do think it will be the start of what could be a more comprehensive review and maybe folks could be held accountable and lose their jobs. >> people talk about whose head might be on the chopping block and who should have informed
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who. does anyone stand out as in jeopardy? >> if you look at two people in particular, dennis blair, the national director of intelligence and michael lighter who is under him runs the nctc, a lot of fingers are pointing there. after the 9/11 commission, the major reform is we have to have an agency that connects the dots and takes a piece of information from the safe department from the fbi and cia and put it together. that's what they are supposed to do. if there is anybody saying did they do their job as well as it could have been done, they are the two people most on the line. blair and leiter. >> here's amy. >> rush limbaugh was release friday a hawaii hospital on friday after undergoing tests for chest pain. he said he is fine, but the cause is say mystery.
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lee cow an is in honolulu with the latest on that. >> a very relieved rush limbaugh resumed his vacation and calling the scare humbling and mystifying. he described the chest pains as some of the worst pain he has ever had. cardiologists do not think he had a heart attack. they are not sure what he did have. >> i wish i knew what it was. all people can do is make wild guesses about it. the best guess was it might have been a spasm in an artery. the angiogram shows no heart disease or no artearial disease and for that i am very grateful. >> health care and health care reform are points of criticism he has with the president and he didn't waste the opportunity to say his experience at queens medical center is proof that the
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health care system is just fine. you will expect to hear more of that and he is expected to be back at work on wednesday. >> lee cow an in honolulu. lester? >> let's go to europe for the latest on the tiger woods saga. a british tabloid is reporting that his wife elin turned up at an exclusive french ski resort. stephanie goss joins us from london. good morning. >> good morning, lester. they are reporting that elin is staying in the french alps for a week with family and friends, including her twin sister. it's unclear if this is elin or her sister. they are both avid skiers. the paparazzi has been staking out the chalet where she is staying for $8,000 a night. these are the ohm pictures to surface so far. the mother of two has not done
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seen since the scandal broke. woods did issue a statement admitting he was unfaithful, but the public apology that many want is yet to happen. this is to the drumbeat of bad news. at&t chose to drop their association with woods saying we are ending our agreement with tiger woods and wish him well in the future. this is just the latest sponsor to reconsider their association with woods. two economists estimate that the top nine companies with sponsorship deals lost $12 billion of stock market values in the three weeks following the news of the driving accident. lester? >> stephanie, thanks very much. >> let's go to the news desk where we have other headlines. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin in pakistan where they are preparing to bury 96 people
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killed in one of the deadliest attacks. rescuers continue to search through the rubble. the real target was a likely meeting of anti-taliban going on nearby. rescuers searched through the night for survivors of a mudslide. 19 people were killed after a section of a hill collapsed and three homes near rio. an earlier mudslide killed 11. a deal between fox and time-warner means the plug will not be pulled on "american idol," nfl and other programming. they threatened to drop the signal in big markets. neither side has given details except to say it's fair and handily. >> kevin pea rce is stable after a training accident. he hit his forehead on the icy
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surface. he had surgery to release pressure on his brain. president obama out for a sweet hawaiian treat on new year's day. he had to keep track of 19 ice shavings. he had lemon lime, chery and passion-you go afa. they now call it the snow bama. a hot seller. >> thanks. >> nbc
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>> it is not that bad here. it is colder than normal. a wind chill factor of 15 downtown. 11 at the airport. there is a wind honolulu. miami only 67. it's chilly from coast to coast. that's a look at the weekend forecast. >> thanks very much. with the new year, all kinds of new laws have gone into effect. kevin tibbles has the round up.
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>> at the stroke of midnight, new hampshire was the 5th state to legalize same-sex marriage. it had only been in effect a few minute when is 15 marriages took place. tough new rules for paparazzi who stopped celebrities. the new law championed by jennifer aniston will allow them to sue when other laws are broken. at midnight the bell tolled for those who do this while driving. police say distracted drivers who are texting are a growing cause of accidents and now they will be ticketing. >> social networking while moving at 40 miles an hour is a recipe for disaster. >> 19 states in the district of columbia ban texts while driving and the secretary of transportation said he wants it to be nationwide.
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>> i would outlaw the use of those and i'm prepared to work to do that. >> several new laws aimed at america's vices. tobacco states said it will be harder to light up. north carolina outlawed smoking in bars and restaurants. >> it's my right to not get lung cancer. >> california is the first state to boost artificial transfats and a new lead foot law will tack on a fine for excessive speeders. in durham, north carolina, it's against the law to leave your dog chained up and una tended. in california they can't clip off the cow's tails. it's done to keep them cleaner. >> in the midst of a budget
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crisis, they are debating about cow tails. >> nbc news, chicago. >> now here's lester. >> thanks. as we begin this new year, a brutal thanksgiving day murder case remains unsolved. five weeks later, police hunt for a man accused of killing four members of his own family. two sisters, an aunt and 6-year-old girl. volunteers will spend the day handing out flyers with the suspect's photo. the case will be profiled in the program, america's most wanted. . >> capturing 35-year-old paul is the number one priority for u.s. marshals. >> this person needs to be brought in. he shouldn't be out there. we need to bring the family closure. >> the baby died right here. >> that includes the father of 6-year-old makaila. on thanksgiving day at this home in jupiter, florida.
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he shot micheala while she slept in her bed. he murdered a twin sister, one expecting a baby. he allegedly shot and killed a 76-year-old aunt. this is a preview of an interview that will air on america's most wanted. >> we can't even begin the healing process. we are still looking over our shoulder and trying to -- we are in protective mode. we haven't been able to begin mourning. >> america's most wanted profiled him three times on the show and will do so again this weekend. john walsh said marriage is a danger to the public. >> if cornered, he could take somebody else down. he bought a sniper rifle the day before and didn't use that. he is a fully armed killer. >> marriage withdrew $1,000 day before the massacre. that money and perhaps
7:19 am
accomplices are likely helping in keeping him hidden. >> if we find anybody who is helping michael marriage, i will charge them with every federal crime i can think of. >> at a time when families of coming together, loved ones of these victims remember how it has been torn apart. nbc news. >> still to come here on today, what brought two moms together from different worlds.
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a. this morning a story of two worlds. a mother from connecticut made an effort to help mothers and children in one of the poorest parts of the country. partin county, kentucky. amy has been to kentucky four times and inspired a movement.
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>> when amy met margaret, margaret just lost her husband and left to raise four young children alone. she was in desperate need of financial and material support, but more than that, margaret needed a friend. amy became margaret's lifeline. >> just pick up the phone and call and she would be there. >> amy brought her own family to meet margaret's over the summer. with money she raised, she paid to renovate her trailer home. she said she turned her life around. >> she got her together and got a job. her kids are better than ever. >> this inspired so many others to help she founded a nonprofit group, rocking mom project or
7:23 am
ramp for short. >> the truck is here getting loaded up. >> sheer delivers food, clothing, furniture and much-needed aid to the folks of martin county. amy kept her promise to margaret and other moms to keep coming back. >> you see the moms coming down and you are willing to give not only what they have, but they put in the elbow grease. the women have to step up. they tell people and they tell five people and it's a cycle. >> the pastor and his wife who ran the homecoming church made an appeal for kerosine heaters. they were hoping for 50, but amy delivered enough to heat 100 home this is winter. >> thank you. >> she's got such a big heart and she really loves people. >> this food pantry at homecoming church serves about 200 needy families. she is keeping the pantry filled
7:24 am
with nutritional food. right now so many families are turned away. amy will continue the nutritional family she started in local elementary schools. >> we will stay on the mountain and work from family to family, mom to mom. that is the goal. the well being of moms and their kids and families. >> in the season of giving thanks, two families from different worlds with a bond that will last a lifetime. >> bye! >> amy and her group delivered more than $250,000 worth of food, furniture, clothing and financial donations, but more help is needed. >> you like to see it, but i like the idea of moms helping moms. still to come on today, the mystery with the missing mother from utah. we will hear from her father and best friend. >> with the holidays and all that spending, how do you repair
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a broken budget? we will talk about help. first these messages. >> good morning. here is a cook at some of our
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top stories. >> police have identified the victim in a deadly hit-and-runhe was hit friday morning. it happened at 2:00 friday morning. he was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say there is no indication the driver was speeding. police believe the vehicle is a chevy suburban or chevy tahoe. it could be a silverado pickup. it will have a missing headlight and serious damage to the front grille. >> three people are recovering this morning after a shooting in east baltimore. according to police, a gunman walks up and opened fire and ran away. investigators say a 19 year-old man was treated and released. it 21 year old woman was shot several times. and a man shot in the chest also is hospitalized. she remains in the hospital. police are still searching for
7:27 am
the gunman. >> many suited up for an icy warm-up there will be plunges at the national resort in gaylord. that was near washington, d.c. yesterday. money raised will benefit the maryland a special olympics. >> we thought it might be a great opportunity for the polar bear plungers in the chesapeake bay later. >> a plunge will occurred january 30. we are sponsor of the polar bear plunge. for more information, go to our web site and click on local events. stay with us. to our community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need
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it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications future. always free and always local.
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>> we are doing well this for saturday and 2010. take a look at the wind chill factors out there. 11 at the airport. it feels like 15 downtown. the reason for the harsh conditions, not only the temperature which is in the 20's, but these 20 miles per hour went out of the northwest with higher gusts. if wind advisory goes into effect at 9:00 a.m. this morning and will persist over night. it will be cold again tomorrow. 19 in the morning. when chills may be in the single digits in some locations. we will stay relatively quiet limited snow flurry chances throughout the week. >> thanks for joining us.
7:30 am
we will have been at a live update in 25 minutes. >> we are back on this saturday morning, january 2nd, 2010. a look at a spirited crowd on this chilly january morning. we will bundle up and head out and join them. inside studio 1 a, i'm amy robach and this is lester holt. >> it was spend, spend, and spend more. the budget realities are setting in like a new year's day hangover. we will show you how to rebalance the family finances. this time of year with the bills.
7:31 am
>> should i have bought that? we will look at the crystal ball for 2010 and identify the trends that are likely to emerge on the economy and how we get our information and how we adjust to an aging population. it's a look at what's to come. >> interesting sense to forecast. we will take a look at the realities of flying after that attempted bombing of an airliner and what you need to know to make your trip as soon as possible. >> the long lines. >> you have to prepare. >> let's first talk about a story we have been reporting for a month. susan powell, a mother of two disappear friday her home. we will talk to susan powell's father and best friend. before we do, george lewis has the latest on the case. >> reporter: police say the leads for the whereabouts of susan powell are slim as the investigation continues. investigators say powell's
7:32 am
husband, josh who claimed he went camping with the couple's two boys the night susan disappears toons to be a person of interest. >> he appears to be the most logical person to look at. he is the one law enforcement believes would have the critical answers that might solve the disappearance of his wife. >> josh's sister had this to say christmas eve morning on the "today" show. >> for makes me sad that he won't speak up on behalf of his wife. we need to find her. >> those close to susan said the uncertainty cast a cloud over christmas and new year's. >> for gets a lot harder to get the hope up and hope she is still alive. >> friends plan to conduct an online three-day social networking blitz on monday, puttinging out messages using you tube videos and other pictures of powell to urge people everywhere to be on the look out for the missing woman.
7:33 am
>> this helps to get the word out much greater than putting missing posters around the city or on the back of a milk carton. >> getting the word out and hoping there is a break in the case. for "today," george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> we are join by her father chuck cox and her friend. thanks for being with us. >> chuck, if i can begin with you. police executed search warrants on josh powell, her husband's vehicle and the home. those warrants have been sealed. what does it tell you about the case and where their suspicions continue to lie? >> i understand the police's need to seal the contents of the warrant. it gives me hope. i see no need for them to unseal them at this time.
7:34 am
it would only provide more information for speculation and make their job more difficult and delay finding my daughter. >> josh was the last to see susan and that's the person you want to have a detailed conversation with. so far that conversation hasn't happened. have you reached out to josh and said we need your help? >> i have asked for his help. i asked and so far that opportunity hasn't come to pass. that we could discuss anything. >> can you me what reaction you have gotten? >> just that he said he doesn't know where she is. that's about it. >> kirsten, let me turn to you. two weeks we spoke to you about him is all i know he is still our friend and we still love him. is anything changed in your view of josh? >> it hasn't. i will say his actions are not doing him any favors right now.
7:35 am
>> you have your own blog and doing all you can to continue to generate interest in the case. you suggested or hinted that maybe you don't believe she is still in utah. can you tell us why? >> one thing utah is a big state. it's the 13th biggest states and we have three other states within a three-hour drive or less. it's like looking for a needle in the haystack. >> sorry there something in your mind that leads you to believe that the attention should be outside of utah? >> i don't know if the attention should be outside of utah, but being her friend for 5 1/2 years, i had many conversations with her. without going into detail, i have reason to believe she may be out of the state. >> mr. cox, i understand you and your wife had a chance to visit with your grandsons. how are they holding up? >> they seem okay. >> what have they been told about their mother? >> i'm not sure.
7:36 am
we avoided the subject and want to protect the privacy of the children and shield them if at all possible from everything going on. >> we certainly understand that. chuck, thank you for talking to us and bringing attention to the story. >> thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the
7:37 am
>> we are feeling some arctic weather this morning. take a look as some of these wind chill factors. 11 at the airport, 15 downtown. a wind advisories in effect through overnight from there. about 68 in texas. is this another birthday or happy new year? you are all from vermont? be careful getting back. there was a snowstorm. if you want the hour by hour forecast, get that at >> coming up, expert advice getting back on the financial
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♪ this morning repairing your budget. after the crush of buying gifts and paying for travel, some of us might be shouldering a broken or stressed situation. what are the best ways to get
7:41 am
the finances under control and making the wisest financial moves into 2010? here to help is our money experts of the money and a financial fitness coach and author of give yourself credit. good morning to both of you. here's the big 1 to get through. it's the credit card debt that you may be shouldering based on the holidays. you bought too much. your first tip is to set a pay off plan and give yourself three months. why three months? >> three months is say finite time period that will ensure you don't carry into the holiday season of 2010 the debt you racked up in 2009. most americans are already carrying credit card debt and had probably thousands on their credit cards. i recommend you look at the charges thaw made over the holiday season, divide that total number by three and go ahead and pay that off. if it's $900 you spent divided
7:42 am
by three, that's $300 per month and you pay that in addition to the minimum payments on the existing debt. >> another way as you say to make a list. smallest to largest and knock them off by one. why is that a good strategy? >> it's bill pay bingo that covers everything and pay your bills off so you knock one off completely and do the same time and again. when you get that win, kind of like the bingo after paying one completely, it gives you a feeling of i accomplished something. >> you also say and a lot of americans say don't rob peter to pay paul. a lot of people move their money around, but they incurred other debt like a home equity line or other things. >> basically you are prolonging the problem or transferring the pain. taking money out of a 401(k) or long-term savings, but when it comes time to retire or buy a
7:43 am
home, it's like oops. i took the money already. you need to be cautious from taking it to a large sum of money and particularly for immediate bills. >> two other pieces of advice you give americans. scrutinize your credit card statements and pull your report and scores. why are they important? >> we are in the middle of a credit crunch. banks have been changing a lot of loan terms and agreements. they are raising rates and adding fees and changing the stipulations. some of this is ahead of the 2010 reform legislation. you need to know about that. as a matter of good planning, everybody should monitor their credit on an annual basis or monthly basis. take advantage of your right as a consumer to go to to get a free copy from each of the bureaus. >> 70% have mistakes and that
7:44 am
can affect your credit. >> it can cost you money. there numerous mistakes in your credit files. you need the reports and the scores as well. >> the final advice when you head into 2010, put the bills on auto pay. you also say put away as much savings as possible. >> if you look at it, if you take $400 at a minimum of 5%, over 20 years it's $165,000 after two decades. start that and continue to expand your muscle to save. americans having doing that which is exciting. we are continuing to see that trend. >> thank you both. grit advice. >> thank you. >> coming up next, we will go hunting with a woman who makes her living spotting trends. we will see what she sees for 2010 after these messages. this to my clients. ommend then we revealed what was really in the bottle.
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>> are last year we saw a deepening recession and recovery. now that we have a new year, what's in store? major trends for tent 10 we have ann from the global marketing company. how do you look into the future? >> our trend forecast is based on quantitative, qualitative and depth research that we do throughout the year. i am talking to influencers and experts across sectors from
7:48 am
politics to pop culture, retail to technology and trend scouts all over the year that keep their ear to the ground. >> let's talk about the trends. you talk about stability. is this a notion that we as consumers will be more cautious or are we walking on eggshells? >> yes, we are cautiously optimistic at best going into 2010. we will continue to exercise restraint this year and looking for closer to home signs of stability. for us, unemployment lifting will be a key barometer. >> one of the things you talking about, americans reading the fine print. is that key to the state of the economy or the way it will be from now on? >> the recreated a class of consumer who is put energy into finding the best deal. that will extend beyond to include reading the fine print when it comes to nutrition or environmental impact or ethical
7:49 am
business practices. >> if you are selling a company, the next trend will be maximum disclosure and you have to give people what they want. they will read labels and give them the information. >> without a doubt. companies are more transparent and increasingly competitive pressures and legal requirements will force fuller disclosure. expect to see more calorie counts on menus of restaurant chains and more carbon footprint information and cleaning product manufacturers to divulge ingredients in the products. >> the baby boomers are starting to retire. what does that mean with retool something. >> more products and services geared towards the over 65 set. for instance, a stove top that automatically shuts off when you are done doing cooking or a washer and drier on a pet stal so you don't have to bend over to load or unload laundry. it will be better for them with
7:50 am
aisle ways in case you can't reach or lift something. >> lastly the life and realtime, the twitter and facebook and social networking will be bigger. >> without a doubt. the constantly updating stream of images, information and conversation. >> we will have you back a year from now and see how they add up. >> i think we will do well. >> just ahead, the new realities of flying in the wake of a terror scare. what you need to know about new airline security rules. we will talk about that and a lot more, but first, this is we will talk about that and a lot more, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we will meet a remarkable mom from colorado after a near death experience. >> how to jump-start your love and dating life. tips for the new year, but first, these messages.
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a free laundry service that provides clean clothes to families affected by disasters. [ woman ] it feels so good to be able to know that i've got clean clothes. you don't know how very basic essentials are until you have none. ♪ this is what gives us hope. [ female announcer ] you too can join us by purchasing a tide vintage t at >> good morning. here is a look of some of our
7:56 am
top stories. friends and families are gathering to remember a young girl who was found murdered. her body was found on christmas day. the funeral is scheduled for 11:00 this morning. >> in some of our top stories, family and friends are gathering to remember a young girl that was found dead. she was abducted from her home. her body was found near the delaware line. abducted from her aunt's former boyfriend, a registered sex offender. >> police have identified the victim in a deadly hit-and-run accident in anne arundel county. investigators say there is no indication the driver was speeding. police believe the vehicle is a chevy suburban or chevy tahoe. it could also have been a silverado truck. it will have a missing headlight and serious damage to the front grille.
7:57 am
a convicted arsonist murder was found dead in a prison in maryland. he was there serving two life terms. the death is being investigated as a possible inmate homicide. >> three people are recovering this morning after a shooting in east baltimore. according to police, a gunman walks up and opened fire and ran away. investigators say a 19 year-old man was treated and released. it 21 year old woman was shot several times. she remains in the hospital. a man was also shot and it remains in the hospital. police are still searching for the gunman. to our community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides free entertainment.
7:58 am
but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications future. always free and always local.
7:59 am
>> we are in store for a cold day. a mixture of sunshine and cloud. yesterday we hit 43 which is normal. today we are off the mark. we are having a lot of high sustained winds of around 20 miles per hour. a wind advisories in effect from 9:00 a.m. until overnight tomorrow. 35 on monday. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you back here in 25 minutes for our next update.
8:00 am
. good morning. al qaeda connection. president obama ties an airplane bomber to al qaeda and warns all those involved will be held accountable. >> the new normal of travelers coming to grips with the new reality of flying. what you need to know before heading to the airport. >> back to life, it's called a christmas miracle. the mother and baby feared dead in childbirth celebrating a new year and a new life this january 2nd, 2010. >> announcer: from nbc news,
8:01 am
this is "today." here again are lester holt and amy robach. >> good morning and nice to have you here. welcome back. i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach. happy new year and especially to the family we just saw there with the newborn sleeping peacefully after an ordeal. >> we told their story after mom lost consciousness and feared they lost her. the baby was in distress and it turned out and they're celebrating a new year and a new life. >> happy to tell that story. president obama is using a saturday radio address to point the finger at al qaeda in connection with the bombing of the u.s. airliner on christmas day. it appears the suspect joined the al qaeda affiliate in yemen with seed training from the group and the explosives he tried to detonate on the plane last week. in a moment we will go to chuck todd. >> for you are thinking of buying or selling, you want to hear the forecast. insight from barbara corcoran.
8:02 am
is it still a buyer's market? >> we will have the latest in the tiger woods saga. his wife turned up at an exclusive resort in the french al alps. how she is celebrating the new year as woos faces a set back here at home. >> we hope you fulfill the new year's resolutions. we have a group of ex-pers from getting fit to jump-starting your love live in 2010. >> the latest news in hawaii where president obama tied the suspect in the attempted bombing of the jetliner last year to al qaeda in yemen. chuck todd joins us with the latest in honolulu. he is being briefed by his team as they continue to investigate how and why abdulmutallab got on the plane in the first place. what more are we learning from nigeria to detroit? >> as the president outlined in the radio address, it's clear that we had this intelligence before he got on the plane.
8:03 am
this is what we know. he did spend a significant chunk of time in yemen and what the president said this morning is that abdulmutallab was trained by al qaeda operatives. this is a startling charge. we had been hearing leaks from intelligence sources indicating that this was likely the case and this really was some form of an al qaeda operation. the question was, how sophisticated was it? connecting the dots himself which leads to why he is dealing with this huge review process and how did all this happen? we had all the intelligence before he got on the plane. we just didn't connect the dots in time to prevent abdulmutallab from getting on the plane. >> correct and to the point. in terms of connecting the dots, who is responsible for that specifically as the president goes through the review process? is it possible heads will roll when it's over?
8:04 am
>> when all is said and done, it's possible that heads will roll. whether it's the head of the national director of intelligence, dennis blair or the person that runs the counter terrorism center. you don't know if it's janet napolitano. we will see. the president wants to do the review process thoroughly. i'm told it's unlikely you will see a dramatic change in staffing at any of the agency heads for now. simply because they feel as if they have to get through the process. try to figure out what happened and if there is someone to be held accountable, they will do it. it will be a longer process. it won't be something that happens immediately. >> traveling with the president, thank you. here's lester. >> thanks. s have a very busy travel weekend. lots of folks are experiencing the new realities of flying. on top of the usual crowds and delays, tighter measures necessary effect. associate editor of travel and leisure magazine with what you
8:05 am
need to know before you head to the airport. good morning and happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> i heard a lot of stories and people saying it wasn't much different. is there a difference between domestic flights and international flights. >> there is a flight difference. when you are going to arrive at the airport where you are going to see a change. there is increased security and we are recommending that people arrive at the airport earlier than they had before christmas day, about three to four for international flights and more if you fly with children or have extra baggage. >> we heard a lot of extreme things. you can't have a blanket or go to the bathroom in the last hour. have they let up on those things? >> the inflight experience will be like it was before christmas. expect the unexpected. a lot of regulations are in the hands of pilots and in flight crews. if you are part of a flight that has these more specific
8:06 am
regulations in place, know this is for your safety. >> we were packing my son to go over seas and we are trying to figure out if they are down to one or two carry ones. >> we recommend if you can why don't you check your bag and check in online to pay $5 to $10 less than if you get to the airport. you will avoid the lines and won't have to deal with the hassells when you get to the airport. >> there more pat downs going on. to find a weapon, you have to get personal. that's disturbing. what's the best rule of thumb? >> when they pull you aside, be calm and patient. another tip is to way layers so that they are easily removable. don't wear heavy jewelry. slip on shoes are a great choice for the airport. >> forget the security. this is a time of year where the airports are packed. we are at the end of a holiday. anything we should know about just traveling this time of year? >> you are going to experience
8:07 am
busy airport this is weekend. check the transportation security administration website for for the details and be in touch with your airline and ask for updates and you can follow on twitter and arrive at the airport early and be patient and understanding and let's get home safe. >> say no before you go. >> thanks very much. head over to the news desk. ron mott? >> barriers on today in pakistan for the victims of friday's bombing. 96 people were killed at a volleyball tournament. the real target was likely a meeting of anti-taliban ellers going on. a british tabloid that tiger woods's wife elin turned up at a ski resort. stephanie, good morning. >> good morning, ron. the newspaper is reporting that she had been skiing for a week
8:08 am
in the resort and paying more than $8,000 a night to stay at the most exclusive chalet at the resort. she is there with family and friends including her twin sister. this photo is unclear whether this is elin or her sister, josephine. they are both avid skiers. paparazzi have been staking out the resort, but these are the only pictures to surface so far. where is tiger woods? the star golfer disappeared after the scandal broke and since then only issued a written statement admitting infidelities. it has done little to stem the flood of bad news. over the holidays, at&t said they were dropping his sponsorship. >> this london for us, thanks. rush limbaugh is out of a hospital in honolulu. the talk show host said he did not have a heart attack and shows nothing wrong after he experienced chest pain earlier in the week. this may be the strangest police chase in the history of police
8:09 am
chases. a man is dragging a soda machine from the back of his truck. he took it from a dollar store and the chase went on for five miles before it ended. let's head on over to lester. >> that was a good one, ron. >> no indication if they had orange crush in there.
8:10 am
>> the arctic blast has a firm grass m. feel out the side. wind advisory in effect overnight tonight. the month. that's a look at the saturday forecast. aim he? >> bill, thank you. a story we brought you earlier from colorado. on christmas eve, tracy went into labor with her 3rd child. shortly after receiving an epidural, tracy's heart stopped beating and she was technically dead. doctors raced to deliver her baby by c-section to find him
8:11 am
limp and lifeless. then a miracle. both baby and mom came back to life within a few minutes of each other. mock tracey and husband mike and baby colt on join us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> tracy, how are and you baby colt on feeling after all you have been through? >> right now tired, but other than that, we have been doing really good. >> happy to hear happy and tired. we understand. when you spoke us to earlier, you said you didn't remember from the time you were technically dead to when you woke up. you had time to process it. do you have any memories at all of what happened in that hospital room? >> none at all. none at all. >> mike, you take us back. it was christmas eve and tracy went into labor and received an epidural and felt tire and went to sleep, but she started to turn blue. you knew something was wrong.
8:12 am
me what happened and what you did and what doctors tried to do. >> as soon as we noticed she was turning blue, the nurse was right there in the room with us. she immediately looked at tracy's face and saw there was no color. they checked for a pulse and it went on from there. >> they delivered colt on by c-section after her heart stop and after they got him out, they handed him to you and he was lifeless and came back to in your hands? what was that moment like? >> that was an extremely happy moment. you can't even describe that. going from one of the worst things you had to experience in your to now it's one of the best things ever all within a matter of seconds. >> colt on came back to live and how long before you saw tracy come back as well? >> i wasn't actually able to see tracy for about another hour and a half past that time. i heard about 30 minutes after
8:13 am
colt on was brought to me that she did have a faint heartbeat at that point in time. until i actually saw her and knew she was stable and in icu, there was no feeling to describe what goes over you. >> unimaginable. tracy, here's the miraculous part. you and colt on were released from the hospital four days after all of this happened. had doctors been able to explain what happened to you and what happened to your baby and how you all were able to survive and recover so quickly? >> not at all. to them it's a complete mystery. they run every test they can and i'm a healthy person. they are still trying to look around and find answers. i have an upcoming doctor's appointment to see a special
8:14 am
skpiist and see if he can find answer. >> you all call it a miracle. >> the only explanation. >> we appreciate tracey and mike and baby colt on. he was a doll during the whole interview. thank you for joining us and happy new year. >> thank you, happy new year to you too. >> you made your resolutions and will you keep them? how to increase the odds? the 2010 housing markets and what buyer and seller can expect after these messages. you know the feeling.
8:15 am
the thrill of the save. that secret high from stretching a dollar. that little rush in finding what you need for less. now walmart has unbeatable dollar days. extra savings on everyday things, all over the store. it's a new way to conquer budgets. and another great day for the savers. save money. live better. walmart. and another great day for the savers. ♪ (announcer) right now, all over the country, discover customers are getting five percent cashback bonus on travel. it pays to get more, it pays to discover. pretty. ( laughs )
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there we go. ( phone rings, laughter ) ♪ ( phone rings ) victory starts now. with the special k challenge, you can lose up to 6 pounds... in 2 weeks. now with so many delicious ways to be victorious. lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. join us at >> this morning on today's real estate, the real estate in 2010. the forecast of what buyers and sellers can expect is today's real estate contributor, barbara corcoran. happy new year. >> same here. >> let's hope it's a better year. 2009 not great for real estate. the power shift to the buyer.
8:17 am
if you were trying to sell, it was a difficult year. what can we expect to see in 2010? will the power shift back to the seller? >> it's shifting as we speak. the buyer has been accustomed to being extremely powerful, but the seller is taking that power away. we will see a balanced market. the take it or leave my price attitude will be something from the past. it will be a more balanced market. >> hopefully that will also affect the person who is buying, the ability to get a mortgage. 2009 was difficult to get a mortgage. there incentives and we have an extension of credit. what are the big ones to look for? >> what you can assume is that the government is definitely going to be on the buyer's side. they have everything invested in seeing that this comes through the brush. you are going to see a continuation of the credits for the first time buyer and the move up buyer as well.
8:18 am
anything they can do to help people get off the fence and into the market. >> any roadblocks that buyers can expect? >> the biggest is their own attitude about expecting they will get exactly what they want and they are not going to have the power they used to have. getting over yourself will be the largest challenge right now. >> where can buyers expect to find the best deals? that's what people want know if you are looking for a new home or vacation home. >> everyone knows a foreclosure, as much as a 60% discount in certain parts of the country. more of that with less of a discount. you can look to the 2nd home market for great deals and the highest priced homes for the best deals as well. >> 92 of the top markets, price increases in the last quarter. open house attendances are up. is this a sign of things to come? >> it's a great sign. when you see warm bodies walking
8:19 am
into an open house, people are starting to look. you have proof positive, 6 out of 10 homes have gone up in value in three months. if people continue to be at the open houses, that's great for things to come. >> there homeowners who want to be able to sell and maybe they have been waiting because the market has been tough. what does that mean? will we see an influx of inventory? >> for every 10 homes on the market, there two holding back and waiting for the sun to come out. the minute it's clear the market is out of the woods and once everyone agrees, you will see 20% of the homes come in, but that's good news. we will need the homes because so many new buyers come into the market. >> that's good news. if there is one peace of advice you can give, what would it be? >> don't try to sharp shoot. a lot of people think they can pinpoint the bottom of the market and get the great price. once they start turning around,
8:20 am
they come back like gangbusters. if you have any inclination, now is the time to get out. that window is closing fast. these really are the good old days that everybody used to dream about. they are right here. >> thanks so much, great advice and happy new year. we'll be right back, but first this is today on nbc.
8:21 am
8:22 am
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>> good morning. it's 8:25. here's a look at some of our top stories.
8:26 am
family and friends are expected to gather to remember an 11-year-old girl. sarah wasbducted from her home and her body found christmas morning in a wooded area near the delaware line. investigators believer she was abducted by her aunt's former boyfriend. 30-year-old thomas leg gs junior has been charged with her abduction. as we begin the new year, some new state laws take effect. the maryland health care commission is now required to have commamners approve physician rating systemsber insurance providers can use them. residents covered under the maryland program must also now get substance abuse benefits. dozens of maryland polar bear plungers suletted up for a warmup before the official
8:27 am
plunge later this month. more than 40 slid through at the national harbor near washington, d.c. yesterday. money raised will benefit the maryland special olympics. >> we thought it might be a great opportunity to do the big plunge in the chesapeake bay later in january to come to a pre-plunge. >> the official one is saturday, january 30. runs from 1:00 to 3:00. wable tv is a sponsor. for more information go to our web site. stay with us. when we come back we'll check
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> partly cloudy, 28 to 32. much colder than yesterday. add to the mix northwest winds sustained at 15 to 25 miles, with intermittent higher gists. a wind advisory from 9:00 this morning through 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so it's going to be a very blustery and cold day. the wind chill factor right now is 11 out at the airport. and it's going to feel like the upper teens or maybe 20s later this afternoon. 19 the actual temperature overnight with single digit wind chills possible with those gusty winds still holding steady. a bill warmup mon and tuesday. quiet weather throughout the week. >> thank you. and thanks for joining us.
8:30 am
>> per we are back on january 2nd, 2010 on a chilly start to the weekend. i'm amy robach with lester holt. >> how are you? >> doing well. >> good. have you made resolutions? >> we talked about this earlier and i don't make resolutions and you forget them. >> i pick a point of the year and try to pick it up. a lot of people do it and it makes sense. the beginning of a new year. we will talk about the
8:31 am
strategies to find the right resolution that you can stick to and strategies to keep at it. >> no doubt a big resolution is getting fit. a part of getting fit is finding a place to work out. we will give you tips on finding a gym that's right for you. >> folks resolved to put new energy into their love live and dating. we will get advice on experts. >> we are joined this morning by nbc's heroes. not only does he play a hero on the show, but lending a helping hand as a spokesman for american red cross's gifts that save the day campaign. nice to have you here. >> happy new year to you. >> tell us about this campaign and why it's different. >> they have an online catalog. when you give a contribution, you don't know where it's going. you know when you purchase a blanket, it's going to a wounded soldier in need or a disaster
8:32 am
victim. >> got gifts from people that we made a donation on your behalf. people are talking about this. even in a tough economy, they say this is what i want to give? >> absolutely. a recent survey that people are more interested in giving rather than past years as well. it's interesting. what goes around comes around. it's important to give. >> it's a great message. we want to switch gears and talk about heroes. it am cans back on monday night and with two episodes, what can we expect? >> six more until the winter olympics. there will be a showdown and a lot of great things happening as always. >> you have a lot going on. you lost the love of your live and you are searching for answers. you have health problems. this has been a fun season for you. the character has been a lot more dynamic. >> dynamic and a lot of
8:33 am
challenges. we will finish the story lines with charlie and the brain tumor by the end of the season. >> thanks so much. once again, heroes returns monday at:00 central on nbc. >> happy new year.
8:34 am
>> bitterly cold here this morning. very gusty winds out of the northwest in the wake of a cold front. 15 downtown. 11 in parkton. 13 at bwi. wind advisories in effect throughout the day as wel >> it's time to talk about some day. please don't break my heart. it's not easy being the family. they lose and it's a long
8:35 am
winter. cold and windy. temperature 25 to 28 and the wind chill will be around 10. not the only nervous one. back to you, amy. >> bill, thank you. you made your resolutions, but how do you make them stick? we will show you, but first, these messages. o wind myself up just to get out of bed. then... well... i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq. (announcer) pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, teens and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18.
8:36 am
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8:37 am
>> a couple thousand years later, we are trying to reinvent ourselves. many if not most are forgotten soon after. there is a place to turn online to a website to help someone make resolutions stick. >> if the start of every new year comes the resolve to make a change. >> my new year's resolution is spend more time with my family. >> maybe to blow dry my hair and wear make up more frequently? >> work out. >> i need to exercise more. >> estimated 45% of americans will make fitness and diet resolutions in the new year. the hard part is making them
8:38 am
stick. >> it's crunch time for us. >> enter jordan goldburg. the new year is the black friday for, the brain child of jordan and two yale professors. it helps people make changes in their life. >> they make commitments about personal goals whether to lose weight or quit smoking and study more. >> what's unique about stick is users can opt to put money on the line to ensure they will succeed. >> they opt to put their money where their mouth is. >> katherine wanted to shed extra pounds last new year's and used stoik make it happen. >> i committed $5 a week that if i didn't make my goal i would have to donate to a charity. >> they decide the amount and pick a referee to monitor their progress and a time table for achieving the goals. months later and 13 pounds lighter, katherine only had to
8:39 am
pay up once. >> aside from the 1st week, i was successful. >> it's to get people to do things. >> financial incentives. >> with money on the line, people are three or more times likely to accomplish that. >> whether you want to wager money or keep it simple, when it comes to making new year's resolutions, old habits die-hard. only about 6% of daals who make resolutions actually keep them. >> i don't have new year's resolutions because i do not keep them. >> beyond going to a website, what can you do to turn your resolutions into a reality? it's a question of mind over matter. let's bring in dr. janet taylor, a psychiatrist with expert advice. good to see you. 6% keep them? what's the point? >> it's difficult. 70% of people say they will make a resolution and less
8:40 am
follow-through. it can be done. >> you brought along advice. let's walk through. keep it simple. to say you want to lose weight is say great goal. simple or not? >> there is a lot of pressure. we look back and forward and say we want to make changes. write down everything and pick one. by picking one manageable goal and taking small steps, you have a higher likely hood of following through. >> it's easy to pick goals. there popular ones. one of the pieces of advice is something meaningful to you. >> choose a goal with value to you and incorporates beliefs. if you say i want to lose weight to be healthier or cut back on time at work to spend more time with my family. those are values that can help you stick to your goal. >> whether blood pressure or time at work, you have to know the starting point to know if you are improving. >> it's key to take a self inventory. you have to manage your
8:41 am
finances. what's important to you? don't let other people decide your goal. >> do you like the idea of teaming up and joining a group? >> support groups online or off line and understand what obstacles may stop you so you can incorporate what you have which can be great with support to help you follow-through. >> how good is good enough? how do you measure yourself? in your sense of success. >> do the best you can at every moment. super effort is more of an attitude where you are fully engaged. if you take a step forward and feel like you are slying back, next time i will try as hard as i can. >> sometimes i worry we defeat each other and we can be enablers or supporters. my wife came to me with a resolution and i thought i have to be a part of that. if you increase accountability, you feel like you are not doing
8:42 am
it yourself. you don't want to be the police, but every day is another opportunity to keep trying to make a change that hopefully will make you healthier and more financially stable and point to what you need to do to improve a better you. that's what the new year is all about. >> want to share yours. >> i'm going to focus on my spanish. >> thanks. here's amy. >> lester, thank you. for many single people, high up on the goals is jump-starting their love lives and dating. in a minute, a couple of experts. first we asked people for advice on dating in 2010. >> do it regular and often. >> be honest. >> be patient. >> be loyal and go out and don't go halfway. >> be very careful of --
8:43 am
>> i hate that. >> violence is a hard thing. >> outfits. people dress really weird. i'm not perfect, but -- >> shallow. >> somebody mentioning marriage five times during dinner on the first date. >> talking about himself. >> joining us now are a relationship expert and author of decoding love. good morning to both of you. it's a new year and that means the dating scene, what is the biggest scene. what is the difference between this year and last year. >> people having to say i can't afford to take anybody out and people are creative with fun stuff with volunteering or going someplace like a museum to walk around and talk and doing things that are less expensive.
8:44 am
people don't feel as bad. >> the newest thing with older singles is they reconnect with an old name than look for somebody new. >> the internet made fining people easier than ever. the passion and intensity of people with young love involved that years and decades later, people will try to rekindle that. >> if you are looking for somebody new, what are some of the ways people are doing it now? >> they are still using technology and social networking pages and all kinds of technology. you should think about the old style to fix up. i did a column talking about volunteerism. i can't believe how many people have met and fallen in love doing something that meant something to them and somebody else as well. >> that makes sense. this is interesting. 68% of people say they are skeptical of dating profiles laz they should be from the real life stories i heard from some of my friends. why is that?
8:45 am
why do people -- how can they find meaningful relationships? >> internet dating is the wild live and gives you a chance to reinvent yourself. you have to deal with deexception. it can be successful if you have the patience to work through that and fining frogs to find your mr. right. >> why do people think they are going to get away with the pictures that aren't what they look like. they will be found out eventual eventually. >> for they got to know who i really was, they would get past that. the studies are when it comes to men, she doesn't look like her profile, when am i going to leave? >> you put a positive spin on to it. it's an aspirational self. the person they would like to be and they would like to lose that 20 pounds and move into a better job. they go that way. >> that's a positive way of
8:46 am
looking at it. what about sharing too much information. is there a concern with that? >> the picture of you drinking and doing something stupid and people who talk about exes. are they insane? they will be the next on there. >> final advice if you are looking for love. >> until they find the right person, they can't be happy. the good news is they should relax. all the studies on happiness show it comes not from one big thing, but many things. not just a relationship or friendship or family or work and being part of a community, take pressure off yourself. >> mine is a quickie. never settle for less to settle down. >> i like both of those. thanks for being with us. >> coming up, if you need a resolution to get in shape, we have an expert to give us the skin skinny on fining the right
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
raise your hand if you are one of the countless people who made resolutions to get in shape? for many that means hitting the gym. we will help you find 1 and save money in the process. our guide, lindsay. happy new year. >> thank you. it's more fun to talk about it by finding a gym. a lot of gyms are trying to sign people up. what should you look for? >> convenience has been the number one thing you should look for. a good rule of is if you spend more time getting to and from the gym than working out there, it's probably not going to last. you want to make it as easy as possible to work out. the other thing is you want to make sure the machines and classes meet your exercise needs. look at the class roster.
8:50 am
today offer spinning, cycling, kick boxing or whatever it is that excites you. make sure the classes are offered at times convenient to your schedule. >> what are about the staff and instructors. they have nice warm up suits. are they qualified? >> you need to ask. sometimes they are not. they require different levels of certification. you want to ask the manager when you go in about the gym, what do they require. they should come from a nationally accredited association like the college of sports medicine. make sure they are well-trained so you don't injury yourself. >> will you find a difference in a chain gym versus a no name boutique type? >> chain gym, the best thing is they are everywhere. they have everything. they have great classes and a great number of machines and the locations are everywhere. if you travel or if you work in different places, you really have everything at your
8:51 am
fingertips. that's the benefit of an eek wi nox and 24-hour fitness. >> then the boutique gyms. are they higher brow or specialized? >> they tend to be more local. they are not in multiple places and they are a little more expensive, but you are paying for a better trainer to member ratio so you get more on one attention. you don't have to fight for machines because they are smaller. >> if you have the space for a home gym, what should you keep in mind. >> you need to be honest. if you are not self-motivated, this is not the best option. >> if you need a place for your clothes. >> if you have a good amount of space, it's inexpensive. you need dvds and good tools. >> let's get to the bottom line. no matter what kind of gym you
8:52 am
want, this is what you can afford. >> like you said, everyone is eager. january 2nd, we are ready to get to the gym. you can wait a few weeks and go at the end of the month, you are more likely to negotiate for a lower fee with the sales manager because they are trying to meet their member quota. if you can hold off, that's a good idea. press for perks and ask for free passes and deals on personal trainers. the reality is that they are going to do more to get you to sign a contract than if you are better a member. if you are looking for a trainer, consider going with a friend. buddying up will save you for the year. >> gives you something to think about. we actually have to go do it. we will take a break and be back with more in a minute. first these messages. select harvest from campbell's
8:53 am
now has twelve soups that are 100% natural. all the farm raised goodness you want, none of the chemical stuff you don't. with ingredients this natural, we want to show the world. select harvest 100% natural soups, from campbell's. give off the warmth and aroma that will delight your family with freshly baked goodness. it's never been easier to bake at home
8:54 am
with pillsbury's baked goods. really soft, really smooth lips. my blistex new lip massage. the soft tip smoothes away rough spots, as emollients moisturize and protect. my lips feel amazing.
8:55 am
that does it for us this saturday morning. tomorrow on "today," we will look at foods that might cure what ails you. >> we will look at top retirement destinations. have a great day. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning, and welcome. >> here's a look at some of our
8:56 am
top stories. family and friends are expected to gather to remember an 11-year-old girl whose body was found christmas day. her body found christmas morning in a wooded area near the delaware line. investigators believe she was abducted by her aunt's former boy friend, 30-year-old thomas legs junior has been charged with kidnapping and burglary. her funeral is scheduled for this morning at 11:00. a convicted arsonist and murderer was found dead at a prison in western maryland. he was serving two life sentence force setting a fire that killed his girl friend's 15 and 12-year-old daughters. according to corrections officials he was found unresponsive at the correctional institution in alleghany county wednesday. the death is being investigated as a possible inmate moms side. >> -- homicide. >> new state laws take effect. the health care commission is now required to have examiners
8:57 am
approve physician rating systems. residents covered under is the maryland medical assistance program must now get substance abuse benefits. >> up next, saturday morning, dr. kim hammond has answers to your pet questions. >> plus time to get your financial house in order. the move to make with your money in 2010. that's coming up. >> and as only rob can do, he takes us to the kitchen as we wrap up holiday brunch series. >> and it's in slow mow. that looks awesome. cold and blustery throughout the second day ft year. details com
8:58 am
8:59 am
[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to 11 news saturday morning. >> our top is stories, first looking outside. >> it looks pretty. it doesn't feel so nice out there. the wind chills are still in the teens, lower teens. it feels like 10. so, a harsh second day of the year. yesterday we hit 43. today, not going to happen. probably about 30. but you can see the wind chills are already quite low. 12 degree wind chill. 15 d

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